Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dark Age Trash

Its been a bit of time since my last post, and the major reason for that is that I've gotten no gaming in at all. I was supposed to have a game with a friend to try out my Galatians, but that got cancelled right after setup due to a family crises that my opponent had to deal with. Then come early December a bunch of my local Ancient gaming friends are doing a two round, Field of Glory team tournament that I can't make because of a family conflict of my own. That leaves me with waiting for the printed book version of Field of Glory V2.0 to be released (the eBook that Slitherine is selling right now sounds like a horrible implementation), in order to reinvigorate some local enthusiasm for Ancients gaming.

So, since I'm pretty much sitting in a holding pattern, all I can post for now is some photos of some Dark Age trash units that I recently completed. These are 15mm Museum Miniatures figures, from their Viking and Norse-Irish lines, but I plan to use them as javelin-armed light infantry in almost any Dark Age or hairy barbarian army.