Monday, October 1, 2012

Wargames Factory Vikings

I'm still occasionally slipping in an unit of 28mm figures. I can't really afford the scale as my primarily gaming size, and I prefer the way 15mm armies look on the table for the unit-based, non-skirmish games that I like to play. But I have friends who would rather game in 28mm, and I have harbored a desire in the back of my brain that I would someday like to experiment with a Boran Norse-Irish army (with a Viking ally) for use when playing Warrior against local opponents. Since metal 28mm figures are way too expensive, I thought I would give the Wargames Factory plastics a try. The below photos are of figures that I painted from their Viking Bondi box, which gives you the ability to make a total of 32 Vikings for a cost (from the Warstore) of about $16.00.

The sculpts are pretty mediocre, in my opinion, with awkward poses that I found them fairly difficult to paint. When I first assembled them, I thought they looked surprisingly good, but once painted, I wasn't as happy with them. I think the sculpting is too shallow for the washing and "dip" techniques that I typically use. But, for 50 cents a figure, its tough to beat the price. For the next unit I do, I'll work a little harder on the washes, and maybe do a bit of highlighting afterwards. Probably, I will also use some shield transfers - well done shields certainly hide a multitude of sins on Ancient and Medieval era paint jobs.


  1. Nice work on these. Watch out - you may switch to 28mm ;) Best, Dean

  2. TYhey look fine, Peter. Can't beat the price - although Old Glory 25's with the Army Card discount come pretty close!

  3. I really like the paint work you have done here! I have these models as well, and totally agree with you that the metals are quite expensive! I am using more of mine for Normans and Saxons! I also like the way you have based them and the rest of your site! Random fact, you know that the Vikings never had black dyes only really dark blue ones! Yep, I read it in Wargames Illustrated so it must be true!

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    Thanks Sword and Sandal Gaming Blogger.

    PS Which one was better, the original 60's Jason and the Argonauts or the recent Wrath of the Titans movies? I like the originals!

    Keep it up, looking forward to your next update.