Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stark Archers

Getting a bit more painting done lately. Heres a photo of a unit of the Stark archers that come with the core "Battles of Westeros" game, setup on the included mounted hex mat:

And a photo of all three units required for the first scenario:

They came out pretty good, I think. Not to the same quality as metal historical miniatures in 15mm, but more than acceptable. And the game will certainly look much more visually attractive with painted figures rather than with bare plastic ones.

Next up will be the Stark War Host of the North (halberdiers) units, including the Maege Mormont leader figure.

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  1. YEAH! First comment! I like it, I saw the pack you are talking about and I must admit I don't really like the whole Song of Ice and Fire / Battle of Westros (they are the same thing aren't they?) Anyway, forgive my Un-knowledge- great paint job, basing isn't too bad either. Keep it up! Regards David