Sunday, October 21, 2012

Splintered Light Chariots

I've got a 900 point Field of Glory game coming up, hopefully this weekend, and I wanted to experiment with a crazed Galatian army. If only for some tactical variety, and to use a unit type that I don't have experience with, I wanted to add in a four stand battlegroup of light chariots. I'm using the Scots-Irish chariots as manufactured by Splintered Light, but I wouldn't hesitate to use these as Gauls, Ancient British, or the Galatians I initially intend them for. Nice figures, certainly, and I'm also looking forward to their upcoming release of 15mm Vikings.

Here are my photos of the completed unit, including a closeup of a single stand:


  1. Wonderful painting on wonderful figures. I do like Splintered Light. Their shaggy ponies hold the paint very nicely.

    I ran 12 bases of Light Chariots with my Gauls and they're best used against CAV. You'll be down on POA but if you can catch a unit one-on-one, you'll have eight dice to his four.

  2. I love chariots, even though they're probably not really all that useful, especially after the Late Assyrian era. Good luck with them!

  3. The Galatian army are fantastic, I think they mix the best of the infantry heavy celt army with good lights and heavies and of course chariots! I think they had access to spears and hoplite troops (?) I've tried twice so far to start these guys...after seeing your photos I might try to start again! Keep it up, Regards David

  4. Chariots are one of my favourite units, and you did a great work on those! Really nice!