Monday, September 3, 2012

Skythian Centaurs

Real Life has been getting in the way big time this summer, and there's been virtually no time for any hobby activities at all. No gaming, and hardly any painting either. Now that summer is over, there's a little break in my schedule that should allow me to get back to painting, but until winter, weekends are going to be tough for gaming. What I need is a Friday night gaming club, since that's really the only convenient time I have to get out and roll the dice. Unfortunately, for most of my gaming friends, they seem to be in the opposite situation where they can game on the weekends, but Friday evenings are no good.

Anyway, I did finally manage to squeeze in enough time complete a unit of 18mm centaurs as manufactured by Eureka Miniatures. I really like these figures and almost anything else too in any period that Eureka makes in 15-18mm scale. I'm still not quite sure what I will do with them - seems that most local fantasy gamers want to exclusively play in 28mm scale, and the Ancient players who use 15mm usually do historical armies only. I may be devious sometime though, and slip these guys in as Skythian horse archer types - just like I did at an Ancients tournament recently with my Frost Giants acting as command stands in a Norse-Irish army.


  1. I am available on Friday nights. I have a new Longbow army to try out also, or a revised Medieval German City league army.

  2. Let's set something up soon to play then, Justin. Any dates good? Send me an email once you get a chance.