Monday, August 6, 2012

Hail (Finally Another) Caesar Game

I got together with my gaming friend, Greg, for a Hail Caesar game this last weekend, and our mutual gaming bud Thomas looked on and helped us look up rules.  It's been a while since I've been able to get in any kind of game at all, and since last January for a Hail Caesar one. We were a bit fuzzy with the rules, having to spend a bunch of time looking things up, but still, we got a 400 point per side battle concluded in a little over three hours.

Greg brought a Macedonian Successor army, and I brought a Late Imperial Roman one with one of the three divisions composed of allied Gothic warbands.  It was a pretty bloody affair, with fortune shifting back and forth, but I finally got the win when 2 of Greg's 3 divisions suddenly broke on a turn where if two of my shattered units broke, my army would have abandoned the field instead. We played the game in a good nature, trying to experiment with what kinds of things work or don't, and we probably got a lot of rules wrong, but all in all we had a great time. It was good to get out of the house and throw some lead down on the table again. Greg was a great sport too, taking it in stride when all day it looked that he was Fortune's favorite, when suddenly and catastrophically, that fickle goddess turned her face from him.

I be looking forward to having another game soon with these very excellent and fun to play rules.


  1. You know, I've been planning to start buying miniatures to paint and collect, but it's posts like this that make me want to play wargames.

  2. Peter,

    Glad to see that you had a good game, and that Thomas got out for a bit! :-)

    Any movement to reinvigorate the idea of a Hail Caesar campaign after Labor Day? That will help me decide if I should paint the Assyrians and Egyptians I have...

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