Sunday, June 3, 2012

Martha and the Barbarians

Not much new to post about except only another painted barbarian unit. The last couple of weeks, and most of the rest of June, are going to be too busy for essentially any gaming - the end of the school year is always incredible busy with obligatory family activities, and this year is even worse than usual with my oldest graduating from high school. We're dreading September when we have to pack her off to her first semester at college and the end of her childhood with us. Anyway, I have to attend a soccer game this afternoon for my youngest that is preventing me from choosing between two gaming options - one a large Napoleonic playtest with friends planning a Historicon game, and the other being a Field of Glory gaming day at a local gaming store. Although I definitely won't have time to play in either, I do hope to at least drop in on the FoG gaming and say hello to the guys.

I wouldn't normally have posted the photos below of yet another barbarian warband, since I'm sure my readers may be getting a bit bored of them by now, but these are a bit different because of some of the paints that I chose to use on them.  I do make use of some Vallejo paints, and the occasional GW one, but mostly I usually use inexpensive craft acrylic paints. My go-to brand for quite some time has been Delta Ceramcoat, purchased from the local Michaels hobby shops. Unfortunately, Michaels stopped carrying this line a few months ago and has replaced it with one marketed by, of all people, Martha Stewart. Reluctantly, I decided to give these paints a try. Surprisingly, I have been quite impressed.  They need to be thinned down quite a bit, but they have very good pigment and coverage.  The line is a bit limited in selection, but I purchased several 2 ounce bottles for only 79 cents each, so a price that is difficult to beat. I'll most certainly give more of these paints a try in the future. In the photos below, of another Splintered Light, spear-armed, Irish warband, most of the reds, greens, and browns are Martha Stewart paints. Works for me.

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