Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Demonworld Barbarians

School graduations are done, along with end of season sporting events for the kids, so now that we are moving into summer, its my hope that after the 4th of July that I can finally get back to gaming. Or at least upping my painting output, which has slowed down significantly - at the rate that I'm going now, it may be the Fall before I can put on the Hail Caesar fantasy game that I've been planning.

But, speaking of fantasy, here is a unit of 15mm Demonworld figures that I wrapped up. They are from the Warlords of Thain line, purchased from Red Brick Miniatures at

These are some really nice figures in my opinion, and they painted up very easily. They are also of a comparable size with the Copplestone barbarians I've already finished, so there should be no problem mixing them into the same army. The only negative is that the main pack only has two poses, but with the leader and hero figures mixed into the front rank, I think it makes for a rather handsome warband.

In addition, here is also a couple of photos of the mounted general figure:

Love the severed head hanging from the saddle!

These figures may be a little too GW in character for my taste, but still realistic enough that I certainly won't be embarrassed fielding them. I'll also be using them as spear armed warbands in my Norse-Irish medieval army.


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