Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hostile Realms and More Barbarians

In addition to rounding out my Norse-Irish army for Field of Glory, working on my Copplestone Barbarians has reignited in my a hankering to do a little fantasy gaming. After all, "Sword and Sandal" isn't that far from "Sword and Sorcery". My first hurdle with this though, was figuring out what set of rules to use. I'd love to see a fully playable fantasy version of Field of Glory, but given the abstractions of that rule set, and the lack of color that a fantasy game demands, that's probably unlikely to ever surface. Hail Caesar could probably easily be modified for fantasy, but I didn't want to do the work myself. Then finally, I realized that a gaming friend of mine had already written a really nice set of fantasy rules - Hostile Realms, by Peter Anderson. These rules have all the stuff in them that a fantasy game needs, and they also have the advantage of several players being in my neck of the woods who already play them. As additional bonuses, the rules are easily modified for Ancients gaming, use WRG standard basing, and allow for a lot of creativity modifying historical armies into fantasy versions of themselves. In fact, for a first game, I hope to set up something that uses my Barbarians as Cimmerians against a border garrison of fantasy Romans (with maybe a few Eureka Centaurs thrown in as allies). For more information on the specifics of Hostile Realms, and how the rules play, the author has posted a detailed description of them on his blog, "Blunders of the Danube", which you can read here

Continuing in this fantasy reign then, here are a few more photos of another Copplestone Barbarian unit that I've added to my collection:

The above are arranged in a Hostile Realms Battle Order formation, which is good for melee, but more sensitive to missile fire. Below is a photo of the unit arranged in a typical formation for when I use them in Field of Glory:

Here's another one where I've doubled the number of stands for a Hostile Realms Battle Order Formation in order to give the unit more of a warband look:

Of course this means that I'll need double the Barbarians, but in my opinion, you can't have too many of these hairy ones.

Finally, here's a photo of a large warband squaring off against a unit of Late Republican Romans (figures by Testudo):

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  1. For fantasy Hail Caesar a lot of work has been done on the Hail Sauraon yahoo group.