Friday, May 18, 2012

Fantasy Game Plans and a Warchief and Shaman

The latest gaming plan I've proposed with my local HAHGS gaming friends is for a fantasy game. I'm going to use an army of Northern Barbarian types (Conan, Fahfrd, Vikings) against an army of fantasized Romans with a Centaur ally. I've been trying to settle on a go-to set of fantasy rules for awhile, and the more I read the Hostile Realms rules, the more I think these might be it - especially with the already established group of Piquet game players in my area. But there are also quite a few locals who have picked up Hail Caesar, and I like those rules quite a bit myself. So now, the idea is to fight the same battle twice - once with Hostile Realms, and then again using Hail Caesar with the fantasy modifications that have been posted on the Yahoo forums for the base game, and a specific fantasy one called Hail Sauron.

So far, I've worked up 1500 point lists for both the Barbarians and Romans under Hostile Realms, but I still have to do the work to figure out the stats using Hail Caesar. The date for the game is going to tough to coordinate too. June is crazy for me with all the kids' end of school year events, but I'm hoping to arrange something for 4 players, two on each side, sometime in July. We'll see how difficult that is to do with everyone's summer and vacation schedules

Once I settle on the lists, I'll post them here, and of course, there is still tons of painting that I need to do before the game can take place. In the meantime, here's a photo of a warband chieftain and a Level III shaman for the Northern Barbarian army (again, both by Copplestone):


  1. It is impressive the broad variety of figures available for 15mm Fantasy armies - actually much more extensive than what's available in 28mm!

  2. I couldn't agree more about the quantity and quality of 15mm fantasy ranges. My original motivation for getting into 15mm was economics and storage concerns, but since I've gone down that road I've been really impressed with what is out there. Once I get them painted up, wait until you see my Eureka Centaurs.