Sunday, April 22, 2012

Norse-Irish Warbands

I'm participating in the Field of Glory US Open starting this Friday in Bedford, Massachusetts, and finally facing up to the reality that I will have very little chance of finishing in the upper brackets, I then decided that instead of trying to build a killer list from one of the perennial tournament tiger armies, that I would take an army that will be instead very unusual and most likely a lot of fun to play - win or lose. The army that I chose to do this with is the Norse-Irish, which is composed of tons of unprotected, heavy weapon wielding loonies, and not much else (except for a Viking ally with a modicum of anti-cavalry functionality). I do expect to play my games in a much different fashion than I am usually accustomed to, and that going outside my comfort zone in this fashion will result in a really memorable time.

Because of the large number of figures this army requires, I am certainly going to be doing some proxying, but I wanted to paint up some units for at least the superior, noble battlegroups that I can take. The Copplestone Barbarians that I have previously posted photos of will compose one unit (the additional figures I ordered from Copplestonewill regrettably not arrive in time), but two other units will consist of figures that I obtained from Splintered Light. I wanted these to be all ax-armed troops, and in order to increase the variety, I used a combination of figures from their Irish, Early Saxon, and Pict lines. Here are some pictures of the finished units:

The last one above is a comparison shot of a stand of the Splintered Light figures next to one of the Copplestone Barbarians. They look very similar in size here, but when viewed on the actual tabletop, the Copplestones are really much larger to my eye. But kept in separate units, its close enough for me.

Anyway, wish me luck this weekend, and once the event is over, I do hope to post some after-action reports.


  1. Good luck!

    Sounds a mad but fun army to use :)

  2. Nice looking warband; best wishes for your FoG tourney. Best, Dean

  3. Good Luck and hope they do good by you, they look the part anyway


  4. Nice Army - it will surely be a hoot to play and I suspect may surprise many who dont give it respect. See you there.

    Bill Mc