Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Copplestone Barbarians for Ancients

I've painted up a unit of the 15mm Barbarians being sold by Copplestone Castings, and these are simply really superb figures. In fact, I don't think that I've ever seen anything like them in 15mm, and even though I didn't know what I would do with them (I don't regularly play fantasy games), I just had to have some for myself. Now that I've finished them, using a little creative thinking, I've come up with at least several armies that I can put them in when playing Field of Glory, Warrior, or Hail Caesar. Because of this, I've based them on 40mm x 20mm WRG style bases for use as Medium Foot (or LMI) troops.

These figures came with almost no flash, and once primed, the detail is so incredible that they virtually painted themselves. Most highly recommended. Now I just hope that Copplestone will produce some additional packs with mail armor, some other similar troops with spears, and maybe a little cavalry.

Here are some photos. I think they look great, but I would love to see what some really skilled painters can do with them.

Of course, the figures are on the large size, measuring more like 18mm instead of 15mm, but they aren't too far out of scale. No problem fitting three to a base, which is appropriate with the rules I play for undrilled or irregular warriors. For comparison purposes, here is a photo with the Copplestones side-by-side with some Romano-Brits from Splintered Light.

If you think you also have a place for figures like these, I wouldn't hesitate at all to get some of your own.


  1. They really are very nice aren't they? I'm seriously tempted myself and I agree they are amongst the very best 15/18mm out there. Comparable with AB in my opinion.

    You've done a lovely job with them too. What a great force!

  2. Very nice work.

    I have to agree on just how amazing the models are, especially for 15mm. I'm currently at the preparation stage of my army, and am still adding more bases (as well as buying all the new releases) before getting started.