Sunday, March 25, 2012

Havoc 2012

I played in the Field of Glory tournament at Havoc this weekend. Havoc is a regional miniature wargame convention, catering to New England gamers, put on annually by Battlegroup Boston. This is a nice local event that for me, has become a preferred alternative to attendance at Cold Wars. The crowd is manageable, and there is a decent selection of vendors also. The FoG tournament here each year is also a very relaxed event, with most of the players very familiar with, and friendly with each other. I usually run this tournament, but I couldn't this year - I thought that I was going to be bringing my youngest to an out of town soccer tournament instead, but since she is recovering from an injury, I was able to participate in the FoG tournament as a player only. It was nice to only worry about only my own games this time, rather than trying to play at the same time as umpiring, keeping scores, and arranging round-by-round opponents. Much thanks to Chris and Paul from the New England Ancients Gaming Network for stepping up and running things this time around.

The tournament was an 800 point, open affair, in 15mm. I played a Feudal Catalan and Medieval Crown of Aragorn army, mainly because I already had the Almughavars. Also, when I had been intending to run the tournament myself, I was intending a theme based on the Oath of Fealty list book, and this was the army that I wanted to use in that. I didn't do too well once again, losing games to French Ordannce and Early Byzantine armies, and defeating an Early Polish one, but one losing game was against possibly the best player in the States, and another to one of the top players. It was all a good time though - I especially enjoyed my game played inside the vendor booth for Silver Eagle Gaming Supplies - and it made for a effective tuneup for the US Open to be held next month in the Boston area. One thing learned for sure, is that it is much tougher playing Almughavars as undrilled rather than as the drilled option that I am more familiar with from later era lists.

Here are a few photos of my games. The lighting was unfortunately rather dim in the basement of the building where we had our games, so I'm sorry if some of the pictures are a bit blurry.


  1. Thanks for sharing! A lot comes down to your draws. I took a chariot heavy Gallic army to a local tourney to counter the shooty horse armies and thought, "As long as I don't face the Romans, I'll be ok." I drew Romans in Round 1 & 2 and Seleucids in Round 3. All loses for me.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what army you'll take to the open and any AAR you might be able to post for us. Good luck!

  2. Sorry I had to miss HAVOC this year; on call this weekend and on vacation the next two. I've enjoyed running games there the prior three years.

  3. Great table! The first photo is my favourite!