Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warlord Games Phalangites

The boxes of plastic phalangites that I pre-ordered from Warlord Games Hail Caesar line came in a couple of days ago. I've since assembled some of the figures, and I'm really quite satisfied with my purchase. I was supposed to get 2 boxes of 40 figures each for a total of 80 figures, but a note came with my order saying that the boxes used were too small, so that only 20 figures fit in each box - Warlord Games made good though, sending me 4 boxes, so I still ended up with a total of 80 figures. The picture to the right shows a single box of 20 figures and its contents, which also includes a sheet of Macedonian star shield transfers.

The figures are very nice sculpts, easy to assemble (something that I still don't like about plastics though), and the price was very nice - much cheaper than for metal figures that don't necessarily even come up to the quality of these. The only complaints that I have is that half the figures are holding their pikes at an angled while the other half are upright - I would have preferred that they all have the option to be only upright - and some of the bases will need to be trimmed if I'm going to fit four figures on a 60mm x 20mm WRG standard-sized base.

Here is a photo of the sprue:

This is the only sprue that comes in the box, and the box of 20 figures had 5 of these. There are also extra heads and pikes with the arms attached for a bit more variety. It would have been nice to have a small sprue with a couple of command figures on it, but if that would have meant less pikemen or a significant increase in cost, I'm glad that Warlord Games went the way that they did.

I still need to assemble a total of 32 figures for my first unit, but I did put together 4 figures from a single sprue to see had they will come out. Here is a photo:

And another showing a side shot of the figures:

Note the trimmed base on the one second from the right.

Once I get an unit fully assembled and painted up, I'll post that here too, but I thought that people might be interested in seeing as soon as possible what this new release actually looks like.


  1. They look very good. I'd get them, but I have a lot of Foundry already. Maybe sometime in the future though. Dean

  2. The Greek period is something I might be getting into this year, thanks for this....

  3. Like the figures, hate the assembly!! I buy the Boltaction range of WWII, storage of those pikes will be fun LOL


  4. I had wanted to do a successor pike army in 28mm years ago before I got into 15s. Back then the limited selection on figures made me hold off. Now there seems to be a lot of new options in metal and in plastic for Macedonian and successor pikemen. Though now that i have these armies in 15mm I do not think I will ever do on in 28mm.