Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Quar's (Tomorrows) War

Once again, taking a short break from Ancients, I've painted up some of the wonderful 15mm Quar figures produced by Zombiesmith Miniatures. These guys are just great, and in my opinion, a really original alien race. I haven't concerned myself very much with the fluff produced by the manufacturer though, because I think these figures are incredibly versatile, appropriate for use in countless varieties of games - Victorian Science Fiction, WW1 fantasy, low-tech sci-fi battles, or space opera campaigns. My intent is to use them in a Tomorrows War game, but I haven't yet decided if they should be low tech mercenaries or defenders of an alien world invaded by a more advanced race.

Zombiesmith's 28mm line is much more complete than the 15mm line, but there is enough in the smaller scale to build a complete force now, and hopefully in the near future, more options and factions will be added to it.  The 28mm scale is too expensive for my wallet at present, and regardless, I really prefer 15mm for modern or science fiction era games. And the price on these guys is simply unbeatable. I purchased a complete light infantry company, an extra line infantry pack, and a Baeliog gun tractor, totaling approximately 70 figures, all for a price of only $36.50. That's a really easy entry into the world of 15mm science fiction gaming.

I've only completed about half of the figures so far, but since it's been a while since I posted anything sci-fi related, I thought I would put up some progress pictures here.

Here is a group photo of the line infantry:

And a closer shot of the same:

The heavy weapon troopers:

A pair of mortar teams:

An officer and a standard bearer (who still needs his flag):

The Quar are a small race, shorter than humans, so for comparison purposes, here is a photo showing several Quar flanked by a human Sahadeen fighter on the left and a Ground Zero Games NSL trooper on the right:

I've been promising some of the locals that I will eventually run a Tomorrow's War demonstration game, and I might yet use the Quar if I can figure out a scenario to put them in. When that happens, I'll make sure to post photos of the additional progress on this army and the game that they'll hopefully participate in.


  1. with the martian front ks over...these guys would be fun to pit agaisnt them

  2. I just stumbled across the Quar and have min on the way! yes both 15 and 28mm! What did you base the infantry on? I have seen another fellow use x2 figures on a square base and x3 figures on the round command stand. What rules are you using with them?