Thursday, February 9, 2012

Later Peltasts

My Macedonian army needed some medium infantry, and I've done up some new peltasts for it. These are later peltasts though, not the skirmishing peltasts of the Peloponnesian War, but instead, a more evolved troop type.  Supposedly, these later peltasts could stand in the line of battle, maybe if not as effectively as heavy infantry, but they were also efficient at fighting in broken or rough terrain. They no longer carried the Thracian pelta shield from which their name was originally derived, but instead used a smaller, round, hoplite type shield - and now their name referred more to their status as mercenaries rather than as reference to their protection.

Here is an eight stand unit that would be appropriate for use with Field of Glory:

Under those rules, these fighters would be classified as protected, medium infantry with spears. I most likely would end up fielding them as a 6 stand unit, but if the points are available, using 8 stands has the advantage of being able to drop 2 stands before the unit no longer has the spear-armed advantages.

For Hail Caesar, I would probably field this unit 2 stands wide by 3 stands deep.

Under the Warrior rules, this unit would be rated as LMI, shielded with LTS and javelin. My intent for those rules would be to field 2 four stand units, like is shown below:

Under all Ancient rules, these aren't the most feared troops, but they are versatile, cheap, and effective for seizing terrain features or protecting a flank. I think they are good at filling out a Macedonian or Successor army, and being a standard troop type used in a multiple number of armies, they can be morphed over and over again in numerous different lists. Really, for a Classical era Ancients players, they are a must have.

The figures are a combination of Old Glory and Foundry 28mm, and the shield transfers are by Veni Vidi Vici.

Finally, here are a couple of more closeups of the completed figures:


  1. Very nice work; I have some armored OG hoplites - I like 'em. Best, Dean

  2. Beautiful figures - very impressed.

  3. Lovely work, great shields, damn nice.....

  4. Yes very nice for sure. I also have a nice supply of Peltasts for my Macedonian armies. The ability to chase off lights and move through broken ground.

    You hit the nail on the head, but that's a lot of rules to consider