Thursday, September 22, 2011

Future Insurgents R Us

I really like these Sahadeen 15mm scale figures from Rebel Minis.  Reminiscent of Frank Herbert's Fremen, but with guns instead of crysknives.  To form the core of this army I bought two packs of the infantry, each pack containing 21 figures and costing a mere $10.95 each.  The color scheme I chose uses muted earth tones instead of a Middle Eastern pallet, since the Sahadeen will form my multi-purpose insurgent army for sci-fi gaming.  In fact, they would probably be good stand-ins for even modern era Force on Force games.

I think the poses with the hoods down and goggles are particularly attractive. with a really gritty, futuristic feel to them.  The majority of the figures are hooded though - still very nice, but I would have preferred more of the goggled-eyed troopers in a variety of poses instead.  But I'm still very happy with all the figures, and they will certainly be doing yeoman duty for me once I start putting some Tomorrow's War games on the tabletop.

Here's a closeup of a goggle-eyed trooper, a typical hooded figure, and a pistol-armed leader figure, of which there is only one per pack.  Sorry if the picture is a little blurry - I'm using a new camera and I'm still getting the hang of how to focus closeups.

And finally, here's a panoramic angle of all the completed figures in a double pack of Sahadeen:

Some support troops armed with sniper rifles and heavy weapons need to get done, and then I'll have something to take on my Free Catalan Dragoons.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Free Catalan Dragoons

I've been finishing up the Ground Zero Games NSL figures that I have in preparation for the upcoming release of Tomorrow's War.  These are virtually the same as the ones in my last post, except that I hope that they look a little better with a more recent paint job.

Here are several more APC's - one armed with a missile launcher, and another one that will be the platoon command car.

There are three more squads of infantry, giving me now a total of four.

A close up of a single 8 figure squad:

And one with a couple of leader figures:

Between these, and the figures in my last post (and maybe the addition of a couple of light tanks), that will give me a full force for Tomorrow's War with a variety of support options depending on the mission scenario.

I envision these guys as a contract mercenary force, similar to the type of ones that could be played in the old Traveller supplement, "Broadsword".  The color scheme I used reminds me very much of my Catalan Company army for Field of Glory, so I'm considering naming these something like the "Free Catalan Dragoons". I like the symmetry of this, especially since the Grand Catalan Company was one of history's most famous mercenary bands.  And the Ancients player in me is insisting that they even go by a nickname such as the "Almughavars", or maybe possibly even the "Moogs".

Of course, it's now time to get to work on my Sahadeen opposing force.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sword and Sandal...and Blasters Too!!

As promised, this posting is for something completely different.

I am primarily an Ancients miniature wargamer, but even though that is where my main hobby interests lie, everyone has to indulge a taste for variety once in awhile.  For me, that is science-fiction, especially the gritty, technological kind - and even better if it's in a military vein.

A friend of mine has started running an occasional game of Ambush Alley's "Force on Force" modern wargaming rules that have recently been published by Osprey.  I have also picked up a copy of these myself, and after giving them a quick read last night, I must say, these seem to be a really nice set of skirmish rules.  What really has me juiced though, is that this October, Osprey is also publishing "Tomorrow's War", a set of science-fiction war gaming rules that also use the same gaming engine as "Force on Force".  If these rules are as nicely executed as "Force on Force", I think I won't be able to resist some dabbling in sf gaming, and just to get me started again in this genre, I pulled out and touched up some Ground Zero Games, NSL, 15mm figures that I have been hoping to do anything with eventually.

I have rebased these figures and taken a few photos of what these guys look like.  I have to paint up a few more squads, and put together an opposing force, but the cost will be low in 15mm. And only about 40 figures and a couple of vehicle's are all that's required for each side to get a decent size game together.

Here is a squad of NSL troopers in body armor, based now on pennies or 3/4" fender washers:

And here are a couple of hovercraft armored personal carriers:

Officers and forward observers:

A pair of heavy weapon support teams:

Some on-board light mortars:

And finally, a pair of walkers that I hope to use for urban reconnaissance work.

These are actually Gear Krieg Weird War German walkers, painted up sci-fi style, and with Flames of War Soviet tank commanders placed into the cockpits.

Don't worry - I won't be abandoning Ancients gaming anytime soon, but I was hankering for a little change of pace.  I will need to get together that opposing force before the October release of "Tomorrow's War", and I've settled on using some Sahadeen insurgents, as manufactured by Rebel Minis.