Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Phalangite Inflation

Getting back into 28mm Ancients, I whipped out another unit in the week before Christmas. I know that I said that I was going to stay away from Phalangites for awhile, but I guess I really meant those of the 15mm variety since I already have enough in that scale for any of the Macedonian or Successor armies. I am pretty lacking in Greeks and Successors in 28mm though, and since I'm planning on playing some Hail Caesar in 2012 - and I still need a Macedonian army for an occasional Warrior game against a local friend - I pulled a box of Crusader Miniatures Successor pike off my unpainted lead shelf and slapped some paint on these.

This was a very basic paint job using my normal fast paint techniques, with a diluted dip wash at the end of GW Bad-Dab Black mixed with Future floor wax. Shield transfers are by Little Big Men.

Too bad that Crusader Miniatures will no longer be available in the States after the New Year from a USA distributor, but for now I have enough for three units. Hopefully soon after that Warlord Games will be releasing their plastic phalangites that I can more economically supplement the army with. I do like these figures though - they remind me very much of the Xyston 15mm ones that I already have, but just inflated up to 28mm size.


  1. Basic or not, these look very convincing. I agree about the loss of Crusader via Old Glory. Best, Dean

  2. Lovely looking unit of pike. You're not tempted by the Aventine phalangites?

  3. These are great!!! You are making look at another army that I will "need"...lol