Saturday, December 3, 2011

Iberian Punch - Such as it is...

As I already mentioned, it can be tough to find enough punch for an Ancient Iberian army.  I did add some Celtiberians tribesmen, but every army also needs to have some kind of cavalry, right? Unfortunately for the Iberians, using the Hail Caesar rules, they can only get the medium variety, which isn't too bad in period, but the German and Gallic cavalry I expect to face in our upcoming campaign also get the "Tough Fighter" and "Stubborn" special rules, while the Spanish are just plain vanilla horsemen. And that says nothing about what will happen when they come up against lance-armed Macedonian heavy cavalry.  But, be that as it may, I figure that this army still needs something of a mounted arm, so here they are:

I based these WAB style instead of with the WRG basing that I usually use.  The figures are by Crusader, and it was really cramped, especially front-to-back, to fit three figures on a 60mm x 40mm base.  Of course, under the Hail Caesar rules, this won't matter a bit, since the overall unit width matches close enough with the units that are based on WRG bases.  For an example, here is the Spanish cavalry unit facing off against a unit of Wargames Factory Marian Romans:

And an overhead shot of the same:

Note that the Romans are actually based on 60mm x 30mm bases.  Under most WRG basing schemes, these should be on 20mm deep bases, but trying that, I just couldn't get them to comfortably rank up.  The extra 10mm makes the depth just roomy enough to fit all four figures on a base, and under most of the rules that I use with this basing, the base depths don't really matter.  Besides, who could possibly mistake Roman Legionaries for anything but heavy foot troops?


  1. Nicely painted troops and horses. It's frightening to consider a soldier standing, awaiting a cavalry charge to hit his line of defense straight in the face.

  2. Nice units - love that cavalry. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice figures, and interesting blog, just become a follower


  4. Thanks, Ian - glad to have you here, and welcome.