Sunday, November 27, 2011

Plastic Celtiberians

The Ancient Spanish army I intend to play in our upcoming Hail Caesar campaign appears to lack a little punch.  It gets only mediocre cavalry, and those in very limited numbers.  But it can take several units of Celtiberian warbands that at least hit with a pretty good clash value, and with the Wild Fighters special skill, I hope that they might give a Roman or Successor army some pause.  In order to add these barbarian types to my army, I chose to go with the plastic Celtic Warband box set from Warlord Games.  Primarily, these were a very economical choice, being much cheaper than metal figures, and since I already had a couple of boxes sitting unpainted in my basement, there was no cost at this time to obtain them.  This is of importance to me - getting back into 28mm Ancients is a step I have to make very selectively.  Metal figures are just too damn expensive these days, and for building a complete army from scratch, they are completely outside my hobby budget.  The plastic lines that have relatively recently become available, although still of limited scope, make this scale a possibility to engage in once more.  Unfortunately though, metals will still need to be relegated to the odd unit or two filling out an army, or the insertion of specialty figures here and there.

But although I still prefer metals to plastics, these Warlord figures are definitely very nice sculpts, at least the equal to, and surpassing most metal figures in quality.  The figures are a bit too animated to my taste, forcing me to base no more than three figures on a 60mm x 30mm standard WRG style base, but they will still be usable as Celtic, Gallic, or British medium foot in a Field of Glory or Warrior army.  For now though, they will go into my Ancient Spanish army as Celtiberian warbands.  Here is a photo of my most recently completed unit, based according to the width my gaming group is planning to use for our Hail Caesar campaign.


  1. Nice work; I love Warlord too. These guys are a bit more lively than their Romans, but I guess that's the point :)! Best, Dean

  2. These fighters look serious! nice job.

  3. These look excellent, nice and colourful.