Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GZG Hovertanks and Ravagers

My Free Catalan Dragoons are getting some armor support with these new hover tanks from Ground Zero Games:

I think that they are probably a tad too small to serve as main battle tanks, but if I consider them light/medium ones, then they fit in nicely with the theme of my Dragoons as a rapid deployment force.  These are also my first attempt at putting a camouflage pattern on armor vehicles, and I'm not unhappy with the result. I could probably use another tank though to round the uni out to a full vehicle platoon that seems more typical of Tomorrow's War's OOB's.

In addition to the tanks, I also painted up a pack of Ravagers from Ground Zero Game's line of Human Characters.

Initially at least, I'll probably use these as leader figures, smugglers, or gun-runners to mix in with my Sahadeen.  I'm fairly impressed with these sculpts - close to 28mm detail on 15mm character figures that I'm sure to be able to find many more uses for than just my initial intentions.

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  1. The brass belt buckles on the Ravagers is a nice touch.