Friday, October 21, 2011

Essex Mounted XBows

Back to Ancients (or Medievals, anyway) for a bit. I'm working on a medieval era army to use in next spring's Field of Glory tournament held at HAVOC in Massachusetts. I've been putting this tournament on the last couple of years, and I have been trying to do something a little different at it each time.  Last year we had pre-set terrain, which really speeded up the games, and this year we are having a theme event based on the armies in the Oath of Fealty supplement.  I have most of the figures already for the army that I'm planning to use, but I do need to add a few additional units, one being the newly completed mounted crossbow unit shown below:

I still can't imagine that crossbows were actually used from horseback, and I suspect that they were actually more likely used by troops who dismounted before entering combat.  The figures are by Essex, and they didn't come out as well in my opinion as most of the other 15mm figures that I have done.  The models are fairly old though, and probably not as nicely sculpted as some of the more recently produced lines - so the techniques that I usually use on 15mm figures didn't work out as well on these.  They are serviceable though, and I do need some light horse in the army that I'm putting together (these are some of the only light horse available for that list).

BTW - I received my copy of Tomorrow's War in the mail a couple of days ago - gosh! that is an incredible wargaming tome.  Also delivered yesterday was a company of 15mm Quar figures - I can't wait to get these really cute devils painted up for use as a low tech, alien, sci-fi army.


  1. That's a nice distinctive looking little unit. The colour choice on the livery will hide any issues you think you have (I couldn't see any!)

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Tomorrow's War too...

  2. Nice work; great color coordination & basing. Best, Dean

  3. Great work a very nice looking unit!

  4. I'll confess to a certain amount of fondness for mounted crossbowmen, and yes I think you're right, they probably did the majority of their loading and shooting dismounted.