Monday, October 10, 2011

Copplestone 15mm Fantasy

Copplestone Casting has started a line of 15mm fantasy figures.  The first ones they have come out with are a series of barbarians that are very "Conanesque" and most definitely suitable for a Hyperborian Age Cimmerian army.  These fetching fellows are certainly very tempting.

These are certainly wonderful sculpts that look more like 28mm than 15mm ones.  I would really love to purchase some of these, but with a daughter starting college next year, I'm trying to minimize hobby purchases to things that I would definitely use.  Maybe as a Viking or Germanic Barbarian army - although those kind of armies are usually dead meat under the way Field of Glory presently handles impact foot (I hoping that improves when V2.0 comes out since I love playing the hairies).  I don't play any fantasy rules usually, and I don't like single basing for anything but skirmish games - and these guys look like they might be tough to fit on standard sized heavy foot bases.  But if the temptation doesn't settle down, I just might be forced to get some anyway, and sub them in for Vikings or Celtic warriors.  And then mount the Frost Giants on 40mm square bases as general figures.

If anyone has any other ideas about how to use these figures in Ancient wargaming, I would love to hear what you have to say.

Hopefully Copplestone's 15mm fantasy offerings will sell well so they stick with the scale and keep adding new figures to the line.

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  1. Like you fantasy's not really my cup of tea, but they sure are fine looking figures, perhaps Copplestone have realised that not too many people can afford 25mm anymore and will make more 15mm figd hopefully historical ones!!!!