Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sword and Sandal...and Blasters Too!!

As promised, this posting is for something completely different.

I am primarily an Ancients miniature wargamer, but even though that is where my main hobby interests lie, everyone has to indulge a taste for variety once in awhile.  For me, that is science-fiction, especially the gritty, technological kind - and even better if it's in a military vein.

A friend of mine has started running an occasional game of Ambush Alley's "Force on Force" modern wargaming rules that have recently been published by Osprey.  I have also picked up a copy of these myself, and after giving them a quick read last night, I must say, these seem to be a really nice set of skirmish rules.  What really has me juiced though, is that this October, Osprey is also publishing "Tomorrow's War", a set of science-fiction war gaming rules that also use the same gaming engine as "Force on Force".  If these rules are as nicely executed as "Force on Force", I think I won't be able to resist some dabbling in sf gaming, and just to get me started again in this genre, I pulled out and touched up some Ground Zero Games, NSL, 15mm figures that I have been hoping to do anything with eventually.

I have rebased these figures and taken a few photos of what these guys look like.  I have to paint up a few more squads, and put together an opposing force, but the cost will be low in 15mm. And only about 40 figures and a couple of vehicle's are all that's required for each side to get a decent size game together.

Here is a squad of NSL troopers in body armor, based now on pennies or 3/4" fender washers:

And here are a couple of hovercraft armored personal carriers:

Officers and forward observers:

A pair of heavy weapon support teams:

Some on-board light mortars:

And finally, a pair of walkers that I hope to use for urban reconnaissance work.

These are actually Gear Krieg Weird War German walkers, painted up sci-fi style, and with Flames of War Soviet tank commanders placed into the cockpits.

Don't worry - I won't be abandoning Ancients gaming anytime soon, but I was hankering for a little change of pace.  I will need to get together that opposing force before the October release of "Tomorrow's War", and I've settled on using some Sahadeen insurgents, as manufactured by Rebel Minis.

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