Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Conan Trailer - R Rated

Another trailer for the upcoming Conan the Barbarian film has been released - this one rated R.  I feel a bit better about the prospects of this movie now.  The scenes seem to show a sensibility that is raw and visceral in a sense similar to Robert E Howard's prose.  Of course, given how fast-paced and cinematic an actual Howard story is without the need for alteration or embellishments, it's difficult to understand why Hollywood producers can't simply adapt one of the unsurpassed tales by the master himself.  Maybe it's because this looks to be an origin story, the first in an anticipated franchise of future movies, and Howard never actually wrote an origin story himself for his hairy brute.  Yes, there were allusions to his "birth on a battlefield" and such, but never an actual complete story.  The earliest story in the Conan "chronology" is probably "The Frost Giant's Daughter", and although that is one of Howard's finest yarns, I can't imagine it as a feature-length adaptation.

Well, we only have to wait until August to see how enjoyable this Hollywood pastiche will be.  Meanwhile, once again, here is the latest trailer:


  1. Hmmm, may be just the scene selection for the trailer but it does seem to revel in gratuitous spurts of blood, eh?

  2. It does look pretty bloodthirsty!!!! Just my cup of tea!