Saturday, May 21, 2011

Successor Commanders

Yes, I know my pace of posting has slowed down some lately.  The same has also been true of my miniature painting, and there's been hardly any gaming going on either.  Those of you with school age children are probably in the same boat right now that I am - end of the school year, and a flurry of associated activities.  Such is real life.

I do have some FoG league games scheduled for right after Memorial Day, so I should have some After Action Reports up soon, but in the meantime, I did squeeze in getting done several commander stands for my 15mm Successor force.  I had one command stand done that I have already been using, but for the other three, up until now, I've been using stand-ins.  Here's several photos of these just completed elements:

The figures are a combination of Xyston and Old Glory 15's.

I may be finally getting to my 28mm unit of Perry halberdmen next, but I've been planning to substitute an Elite Phalangite unit for my elephants in my Successor army before taking on some of the bow-heavy players in our league, so the Perry's may have to wait just a bit longer.  And then after that, I hope to really get to work on my 28mm Alexandrian Macedonian army - I have some local friends who play Warrior, and that is an army I hope to get on the table in the reasonably near future for that ruleset.


  1. Excellent work. Love the basing. Dean

  2. Beautiful figures and like Dean said the basing is excellent.

  3. Nice work, really like the bases.