Friday, April 8, 2011

HAVOC 2011 FoG Report

Saturday, April 2, 2011 saw the second annual Field of Glory Tournament at the HAVOC gaming convention.  HAVOC is put on each year by BattleGroup Boston, and it is probably New England's largest all-genre miniature event.  Our Ancients group, the New England Ancient Wargaming Network, takes advantage of this convention for a Field of Glory tournament.  This year, we did another three round, 15mm, 800 point affair, but threw in the new wrinkle of pre-set terrain.  Several of the individuals committed to attending were each assigned a table with a different terrain type to design, and to bring the terrain for that table.  Of the tables types used, we had a forest, a river crossing, a "Hastings" type hill, an agricultural, a developed, and even a steppe type table.  Our motivation for doing this was two-fold: one was to speed up game setup, shortening playing times, and the other was to get a variety of unusual terrain types on the playing surfaces that don't regularly make appearances in typical competition type games.  Players knew in advance that terrain would be somewhat unusual, and were informed that their army lists should be designed taking this into consideration.

For the first round of the tournament, tables were randomly assigned, with the winner of the initiative roll picking which side of the table to deploy their army on.  In the succeeding rounds, the lowest scoring table of a Swiss format matchup got the first choice of table, with the rest of the players next picking theirs in an inverse order to their place in the standings.  For these rounds, the winner of initiative got to pick the table, while the loser got to pick what side to deploy on.  I think that using pre-set terrain was a nice variation on tournament play.  Terrain had a greater impact on deployment and tactics, and armies and list were used that varied from the same-old.  It also seems that at least 30 minutes was cut off each game, comfortably reducing the length of the rounds from 4 hours down to 3 1/2 hours each.  Most of the players thought it was a lot of fun, and for next year's tournament, we are discussing doing the same with a early Medieval theme instead of an open format.

The only negative for the whole event was that the tournament was held in the basement on a cloudy day, so the lightning wasn't very satisfactory.  Not so good for some of our aging eyes, and none of the photos I took really are good enough to post here.  Oh well, not that big of a deal. 

Finally, for anyone interested, here are the results for FoG HAVOC 2011:

Bob Rioux    French Ordonnance 56.3
Matt Iverson    Later Ottoman    49.1   
Justin Tebo    Medieval Northern German City    41.6   
Hal Edgett    Palmyran    37.8   
Peter Celella    Early Successor    37.2   
Scott Kimball    Later Indian North Hindu    35.7   
Paul Georgian    Later Ottoman    29.9   
Matt Fullmer    Swiss    28.8   
Tucker Saglio    Italian Condotta    23.2   
Mike Sammarco    Gallic    18.5   
John Goodman    Early Teutonic Knights    10.3    (2 rounds only)
Len DiBello    Samnite    0.9    (1 round only)
Dean Hollembaek    Late Republican Roman    0.7    (1 round only)

In the middle of the pack once again for me.  Now back to league play as soon as I can get a chance.

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  1. Although competition gaming isn't my thing at all, I looked in on the FoG action in the basement at Havoc and it looked like everyone was having a good time. IMHO, that is the single most important thing, tournament or otherwise!
    -Peter A