Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tin Soldier Light Infantry

Above are some Tin Soldier light infantry troops that I'm putting into my Successor army.  These are 15mm figures that I painted up about a year ago, but I just added some shield transfers and rebased them to fit in with the rest of the army.

Tin Soldier's figures are unique and not to everyone's taste - a bit squat and cartoonish - but they definitely have character.  The Greeks are probably my favorite of all their ranges.  I don't have any of their hoplites, which I've heard are very nice, but I do have these.  The Macedonian and Greek cavalry I have I don't like so much, but these I do, even if stylistically they don't seamlessly fit in with my Old Glory 15 and Xyston figures that comprise the majority of my army.

These infantry (dare I say peltasts) don't make it into my 800 point list for the New England League games, but they will get on the table for any 900 point games I get to play.  Or if I decide I prefer javelin-armed troops to the Cretan archers.

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  1. nice work, im not a huge fan of tin soldier figs but these look very cool.