Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hellenistic Thracian Light Cavalry

The last unit I need for my Macedonian Successor army to be used next week at the HAVOC Ancients Tournament in Massachusetts is completed. 

Figures again are by Xyston, 15mm.  These are Hellenistic Light Cavalry from the Thracian line.  I think they are very appropriate for use in the Successor period, showing the significant cultural interaction between the Thracians and Greeks - specifically note the Hellenistic helmets.  My guess is that this is what Thracians serving with Alexander or the Antigonids more probably would have looked like.

All I need to finish now for my full 800 point army is three more general/command stands.  I don't know if I'll get a chance to wrap them up before HAVOC, so I may still be proxying them with my Tin Soldier ones.


  1. Nice painting on equally nice models. Xyston have the finest Ancients in 15mm IMO. Regards, Dean

  2. Nice job, as Dean says above, xyston really do fantastic 15mm figures.

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