Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Damn Romans!

This new Field of Glory Ancients League that we put together in New England looks like it is going to be a success.  We are now up to 18 players, with 9 each in an Eastern and a Western Division.  Last weekend, we had a gathering of 5 players in the hobby basement of Silver Eagle Wargaming Supplies, with a total of four games played - so up to now, 10 out of the 18 players have gotten in at least one game.  Not bad!

For my own game at Silver Eagle, my Macedonians took on a Late Republican Roman army - something that was close to being an actual historical matchup, and an interesting one for me since I have commonly played this version of a Roman army myself.  My Roman games against pike armies have gone badly since I usually don't win impacts and then can't disrupt the pikes in subsequent rounds, which if it doesn't happen, doesn't allow the Romans to make good use of their Skilled Swordsman capability.  In this game, mid-way through, I thought I had it won - the Roman cavalry was hanging back on one flank, too timid to face my Companion lancers, I had won the light foot skirmisher battle between the main battle lines, and I had drawn the Roman units out of alignment in such a way that I could get overlaps and dice on isolated battlegroups.  Once I closed in for what I thought was going to be the kill, everything then went very badly for the Macedonians.  My main battleline lost most of the combats where they appeared to have the advantage, and then once I got impatient, trying to outflank the Roman foot with my lancers, I got a unit trapped and killed by the Roman cavalry when they finally came out to fight.  I made a couple of other minor mistakes, costing me points on my left flank, but ultimately it was a loss for me. I did kill a couple of Roman units though, so I was able to score enough points to loose by only 13.3 to 6.7.

Damn! Why can't I get the Romans to perform this way when I use them? Grrrr!!!!

It was a good time regardless, and after the round of games were completed last weekend, I still have a very narrow overall lead in the Western Division, with a three-way log-jam at the top.

And of course, here is a selection of photos from the game:

Initial Macedonian Battle Line

Initial Roman Battle Line

The Skirmisher Fight

The Battle Lines Approach

Companions Try to Work a Flank

Romans Lured Out of Alignment

Macedonian Left Flank Crumbles

I'll be missing Cold Wars this year (sigh!), but I'm looking to get in as many league games as possible in the very near future.  Then the HAVOC Ancients tournament is upcoming in April, giving something else to look forward to between now and Historicon.


  1. Excellent looking game. Those elies between phalanx units are awesome! Regards, Dean

  2. Great photo's, looks like you had fun!