Monday, February 7, 2011

Successor Elephants

I promised some Successor elephants next, and here there are:

These are Xyston models also. Elephants have been real glass cannons under the Field of Glory rule system, but there is some talk of a proposed new version of the rules that will make them much more potent.  Regardless, I just love the models, and even if under the present version of the rules they may not be worth the points, I still want to experiment with figuring out how to use them effectively.  And besides, a Successor army just has to have elephants in it somewhere, doesn't it?

I was going to finish my Swiss halberdiers next, but my group of regional Ancients gamers is starting up a league this month, and since I will be playing the Successors in it, I'd like to paint up one more unit of phalangites for it instead of using the Old Glory 15 ones I presently have.


  1. Very nice, they look great, elephants always cause a problem in both the rules and definatly during a game, whatever rules your using!!

  2. Very nice elies! Love the color schemes. Dean

  3. They can be fragile in FOG if they go in unsupported. But they are hard to kill and pack a punch.

    Send them in with flanking units and Robert is indeed your dad's brother.

    A number of other rule sets allow them to go on a rampage (rolling for the direction they go in - so they can equally impact your troops as well as the opposition). This would be a welcome addition to FOG. Make them tougher BUT with the caveat that they could trample all over your own troops if Fragmented.

  4. Great work . I find in FoG if they are deployed back and in the centre and always have a BG of LF across their front ( archers best) they are tricky to overcome .
    You move them late in the game when your opponent has committed the LF screen and shoot them in and then all you have to do is roll sixes !:)
    Love your blog BTW always check it for inspiration .