Saturday, January 8, 2011

Swiss Resurrection...Perry Pike Painted

Continuing my Swiss Resurrection project in 25mm, my last unit of Superior Pike is completed.  These are the plastic Perry Mercenaries.  They didn't take my wash technique as nice as some of the other metal figures that I have used, but not bad for inexpensive plastics and a quickie paint job.

I have a game with these Swiss tomorrow afternoon - yay!!  I still have to paint up my last stands of halberdiers, the camp isn't complete, and the basing isn't finished on most of the stands, but it's still a chance to take the army out for a test run.  Hopefully I'll get enough decent photos to post an AAR sometime next week.


  1. Wow - you've painted them up very nicely. Better than I would've expected from the unpainted adds - even for Perrys! Regards, Dean

  2. I hope I will be able to paint them as well when I get into this scale

  3. They looks nice, really nice. Congratulations!


  4. These have come out brilliant!! I've just ordered a pack to see what they are like and still havent decided who to paint them up as. I was thinking some generic merc unit, any suggestions.???

  5. They look great, Peter! They just really, really need a few of the womderful cantonal flags to make them *really* pop. I just took mine from, IIRC - perfectly seviceable.

  6. Thanks for all the comments, guys. I appreciate it.

    Guidowg - if you have no specific plans, I'd paint these guys up as a generic unit, just as you suggest. That way you can morph them into a variety of different armies.

    Peter (Gonsalvo) - I'm ahead of you on the flags :-) The box set actually comes with an assortment of banners for Swiss, France, Low Countries, Burgundy, Italy, and Imperial. I glued several of them on last night.

  7. What's the basing material on these? I see static grass, but what's under it?