Monday, January 17, 2011

Successor Psiloi Reinforcements

I'm still waiting for my Perry Miniatures billmen to arrive on my doorstep, so in the meantime, I added a couple of skirmishing units to my growing Successor's army.  One of the things that I really like about choosing a Macedonian Successor army to collect for, is that the troop types for this army are easily morph-able into quite a few other armies.  Phalangites, hoplites, theurophoroi, thorakitai, companions, etc., can all find suitable homes in everything from a Classical Greek list to a Greco-Bactrian one.  So once you are collecting for a Successor army, you are really collecting for more than a dozen more.  If you are an Ancients gamer, it is a very efficient use of hobby time and dollars.

That said, here is a frontal shot of some Thracian light cavalry, by Xyston Miniatures - overall, probably my favorite manufacturer of 15mm Ancients presently on the market.

And a rear shot too, since I decided to attach the shields to the back of the figures (probably a mistake - I think in retrospect, they would look better mounted on the left forearms), and I wanted to show what the nice Little Big Men Studios peltast shield transfers look like.

Also, here is an unit of what Xyston calls Cretan archers.

They look more like ordinary Greek archers to me, probably because I'm used to seeing Cretans represented with a wide-brimmed hat, but maybe that is just a wargaming convention without a lot of actual historical documentation for support.  All-in-all though, the figures are more than good enough for my use.

Hopefully, I get those billmen soon, or I probably will be starting on another unit of Macedonian phalangites next instead.


  1. Very nice! Am prepping Xyston Greeks at the moment, and have a large batch of their Persians (with OG15s to supplement them) to do as well.

    How easy do you find the shield transfers to apply? Is it comparable to, say, drilling out a spear hand or is it a little more finickity than that?


  2. Very nice. Great painting to equally nice sculpts. Dean

  3. Very good painting. I've started a Carthaginian army from Xyston and Corvus belli. And I must say I prefer the Xyston.
    About Little Big Men: They are rather easy to apply, except when you have to cut in the middle of the transfert, to adjust it, for example in the case of roman or gallic shields, anything with umbo.

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