Monday, January 31, 2011

More Phalangites

My Perry Halberdiers didn't arrive in time (I have them now though), so I did end up deciding to whip out another unit of phalangites.  These are also by Xyston, and are listed as Antigonids.

I wanted to experiment a bit with these using colored helmets.  I've seen other examples of people having Hellenistic pike with brightly painted helmets, and although I thought they were very attractive, up until now I was too timid about it to try for myself.  For these, I finally took the leap, and I think they came out quite nice.  For those interested, for the red helmets, I used Vallejo Flat Red.  My next group of phalangites will probably have helmets of some shade of blue.

The Antigonid pike are my favorite of all the Xyston ranges of Hellenistic phalangites. I think they have a suitably grim and professional look appropriate for a band of hardened mercenaries waging war in the time of the Diadochi.  And being especially a fan of old Antigonos Monophthalmos ("One-Eye") himself, and even a bit of his grandson Gonatas ("Knock-Knees") - I love the epithets of the Macedonian Successor generals and monarchs - I can't help but preferring the Macedonian armies to those of the Ptolemies and Seleucids for my own collection.  Besides, I think pike have become probably my favorite troop type in almost any Ancients game system - so much so that I keep finding myself drawing up test lists of Hellenistic Greek armies where I can max out on the pike and armored thorakitai.

I'll get to those Perry billmen soon, but instead, next up will be some elephants for my Successors.


  1. They look good, Peter! The painted helmets are an interesting twist; any idea if any historical evidence for same?

  2. They look great, love the coloured helmets.

  3. Like anything else from Ancient times, precise historical evidence for equipment is sometimes difficult to obtain. Things are really a best guess. I'll have to do some research myself on the accuracy of the painted helmets, but in the meantime, I think I'll post on TMP and see if the "experts" have anything to offer.

  4. I´ve painted macedoninas etc with coloured helmets...I can´t remeber where I heard / read that it was done though.
    They look great...a very determined looking bunch

  5. if you guys want to play a 3d historical battle games... with pikes... and legionaries... you should buy rome total war