Saturday, January 29, 2011

"The Eagle" - Chariot Attack

Here's the latest clip released for"The Eagle". This one is of a chariot attack by the native Britons on Marcus and his Roman command.

Not bad. Still don't like the leather armor - if only the producers had put the Romans in chain mail. But at least the protagonist is throwing a pilum instead of a spear. The Britons look okay - thankfully there is no woad in sight, and the chariots are cool, even if the scythes are a bit over the top. I also would think that the Roman fallback maneuver would be more of a fighting withdrawal rather than the mass rout that appears to be shown. All-in-all though, even with my wargamer's nitpicking of the details, I still think this movie is going to be a winner for Sword and Sandal film fans.


  1. I want to see this! Is this the movie based off of the Rosemary Sutcliffe book?
    I'm not crazy about the Britons with mohawks though.

  2. Can't wait to see it, don't mind the leather armour too much, I totally agree with you over the scythes though, why, why, why do the have to do this in films???

  3. Doesn't look half bad. As for scythes, I believe most of the none educated think that all chariots had them. Just a movie thing I guess.

  4. Ever since Ben-Hur, everyone in Hollywood seems to either think that all war chariots had scythes, or that John Q. Public wouldn't understand chariots without them. Might be right on the second count if completely wrong on the first!

  5. Yes, this film is based upon the Sutcliff YA novel, and as I remember it, she too has the chariots so adorned with scythes. However, unlike the film, the Centurion Marcus does not use a pilum to stop the lead chariot.

    Indeed, while it is a dangerous sport to judge a film by its trailer alone, it does seem clear that the film departs substantially form the book. This may in fact explain why the director changed the title from Eagle Of The Ninth to simply The Eagle.

    In addition to the leather armor there is the widespread use of bracers. This was also a problem in the film Centurion. It would seem to be a Hollywood requirement that all Hollywood Romans must wear bracers or some armor on their lower arms, even though there is no evidence that the Romans ever did wear these.

    That aside, it does look like an exciting film, and no doubt will be a hit for several demographic groups. Still, this may not be the film about ancient Rome we have all been waiting for.