Thursday, December 30, 2010

Swiss Resurrection...Perrys Assembled

I did receive my two boxes of Perry Medieval Mercenaries.  Although I'm a bit old school in my tastes, and not really a plastics kind of guy, these figures are never-the-less really very good.  There was almost no flash that needed to be cleaned up, and the figures were very easy to assemble (something that is important to me, since assembly is one of the things about plastics that turn me off most).  Another thing that I like about this box set is that the poses aren't so ridiculously animated that they are impossible to arrange on WRG sized bases.  No horizontal pike poses either, which is just great, because pikes in that position might look great in dioramas, but as far as I'm concerned, they are absolutely worthless as gaming pieces.  In this set, the pikemen are all in marching poses, which fits my needs and aesthetic sense perfectly.

Here is a photo of the 32 pikemen as they look assembled but still unprimed:

Each box has a total of 40 figures, but of these, only 18 can be built as either pikemen or halberdiers.  To get a total of 32 pikemen for a complete FoG unit is why I needed two boxes instead of just one.  The remainder of the figures are either handgunners (of which I do need some), crossbowmen, or command figures.  I was hoping to get more halberdiers out of this box set, but since they are made out of the pikemen (accomplished by cutting the pikes down and gluing on a polearm head), it looks like I will still need to order a box of the War of the Roses Infantry to get the rest of the heavy weapon types that I need to finish off the Swiss army.  This is actually another thing that makes plastics kind of unattractive to me, even though at first glance, it appears that one is getting a large number of figures for a price significantly less than what metal figures would cost.  If one was building a new army from scratch, I guess plastics look incredible because almost all the figures in a set are of use, but if one is only adding units to an existing army, then a significant number of the figures are excess ones, so that the cost per figure is much higher than if one simply divided the price by the total number of figures that can be possibly assembled from the box.  In my case, I was able to build 32 pikemen, 8 handgunners, and 8 halberdiers - meaning that only a total of 48 figures out of the possible 80 included are presently usable to me, while the rest are destined for the bit box.  Realistically, I'm still paying significantly more than $1.00 per figure - so still much more expensive than in comparison to the cost of 15mm figures.  And I still have to purchase another box to get the halberdiers I require, and out of that box, only half the figures will be immediately useful to me.

Still, all-in-all, the final price is not bad, and the quality of the models is nice enough that I certainly feel that I have more than gotten my money's worth.

Here is another photo showing how easily the pikemen will fit and rank up on a WRG standard sized, 60mm wide x 20mm deep base:

Also, another photo below, showing the eight handgunners that I assembled, and another showing how they size up in comparison to some Foundry handgunners that I already had painted up for this army:

And here is the same for the halberdiers:

As always, I'll post some more progress once I get these guys painted up.

Everyone have a Happy New Years!

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  1. Excellent, Sir!

    I too have ordered these guys. I have the WoTR "regular" set and love those. I too am using in a FoG Army (Medieval Danish). I think you will find the "regular" set has better halberdiers because they are pre-made; you don't have to glue a head on a pole.