Friday, December 17, 2010

Swiss 25's

After colliding with that nasty Swiss army at the New England FoG tournament, it got me thinking that I occasionally once played a 25mm scale Swiss army under the Warrior rules.  The Swiss are okay using those rules, and the special list rules for them do a very good job of simulating the combination of pike and halberds in the mass Swiss formations of the period - but I found them too complex, too headache inducing, and too one-dimensional.  And actually a bit boring really.  But under Field of Glory, it seems like they might be a lot of fun, at least for the guy playing them if not for the guy facing them.

Anyway, since I already owned a bunch of Swiss lead, mainly all painted, I figured I would dig them out of the basement and see if I could come close to the list that I would like to use for the Swiss with FoG.  Turns out, I'm in luck!  I have everything except for two pike blocks, 7 stands of halberdiers, and four stands of handgunners.  Although I have been a 15mm advocate for the last few years, mainly because of the expense of the larger figures and the hassle of storing and transporting them, it seemed that if I could easily and cheaply finish this army up for FoG, it might be worthwhile to give them a shot.  Of course, most of the local guys either have only 15mm lead, or if they have 25mm, it has been based for Warhammer Ancient Battles.  Then there is another group of guys more local to me who claim they would like to play in 25mm, but they are the type of gamers who talk a good game, but never actually get a full army painted and ready for battle.  Finally, the regional guys who do have 25mm armies based WRG style, have objected to the Swiss as an opposing army that they would prefer not to take on for a fun afternoon.  So it looks like I may have to wait for Cold Wars or Historicon to get a chance for a Swiss 25mm game.

Below are a couple of shots of what a pike block of my old Swiss look like:

The Swiss were one of the first Ancient or Medieval armies that I completed, back about a decade or so ago, so these are not quite up to the standard of what I like to now achieve.  But surprisingly, I think they actually don't look too bad at all.  I had to rebase them, since for Warrior, the Swiss are based on 30mm deep bases (LMI, comparable to medium infantry), while for FoG they are based heavy foot style on 20mm deep bases.  I figure that if they are on the swallower bases, I could still put them on deeper sabots if I ever want to go back to also using them for Warrior.  So they are now multi-use medieval pikemen - always a good thing to be able to morph units, as far as I'm concerned.  The figures are mainly Old Glory, from the Swiss line, one of their better ones, with a few Foundry figures mixed into the front command stand.

To finish this army up, it looks like I can take advantage of some of the new Perry plastics.  One box of the War of the Roses Infantry, and two of the newly released Mercenaries: European Infantry 1450-1500 - and that should give me all that I need.  For a very economical price too.  Almost as cheap as 15mm figures, it seems.

I also have an unpainted unit of Crusader Miniature pikemen from their War of the Roses range.  I'll probably paint these up next, and then post what they look like in comparison to these older paint jobs.


  1. Swiss pikes are always a fierce opponent.

    Nice post, nice figures. Congratulations.

    Cheers Gonzo!