Monday, December 27, 2010

Swiss Resurrection...Crusader Miniatures

I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday Season.  Like everyone else, I'm sure, its been a busy time, but in between buying presents and entertaining family and in-laws, I did finish another unit of Swiss pikemen.  Although most of the figures in my last post were Old Glory ones, the ones in the photos below are by Crusader Miniatures, from their War of the Roses range.  The front rank figures are number MEW002, Armored Pikemen, and the other ranks are number MEW001, Unarmored Pikemen - all from that range.

For comparison purposes, I also show below, a stand of the unarmored Crusader pikemen adjacent to an Old Glory one.  They look like they will work fine together in the same army, and since I have them organized in different units, they don't jar my eye aesthetically.   The Crusader figures are on the left and the Old Glory ones are on the right.

For my next unit, I'm planning on doing my final pike block for this army.  I'll be using the new Perry Miniatures plastic mercenaries.  The tracking information I have from the Warstore (where I ordered the boxes from) says that they are supposed to be delivered today sometime, and if the blizzard we just had in New England doesn't interfere with the postal service, I hope to start assembling tonight.  I'll post some progress once I have something to show.


  1. The Crusader figures look very nice, they fit perfectly for the Swiss. Keep 'em coming!!

  2. Man your figures look awesome

  3. Nice collection. I like the details on the miniature soldiers. I would've love it more if they included fantasy weapons on the miniatures. fantasy swords