Friday, December 10, 2010


Not much to say this week.  The Holiday rush has been just mad.  But I do have some pictures of several units that I plan to incorporate someday soon into a Macedonian Successor army.

Above is an unit of Thorakitai.  I love these guys, and consider them a must take in any Successor type army.  They are classified as armored medium foot with offensive spears.  Great fighters in terrain, and not too shabby in the open against most things.  They can also be used to protect the flanks of phalanxes, and being drilled, they are also good at maneuvering onto your opponents flanks.  Figures are by Xyston, and they are definitely on the large size - I don't think they could fit four to a heavy foot base - but as with most of Xyston's range, they are among the best figures on the market.

Here's an unit of Spartan hoplites, also by Xyston.  Not quite as large as the thorakitai, but still fairly large.  These are based as heavy foot though.  I love the later period helmets, and the hair and beards are very well sculpted.  The shields have what I think are Veni Vidi Vici water transfers.

Finally, here is an unit of Old Glory 15 hoplites.  I got these to see what an unit of more conventionally sized hoplites look like, and although the sculpts are not as exquisite as the Xyston ones, I think these came out more than acceptably.  Shield transfers are by Little Big Men Studios.

Oh!! All these distractions!  I must get back soon to my Spanish Thirty Years War army.


  1. Very interesting. I'd be keen to see some shots of the figures along side each other for comparison. Very nicely painted!

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I'll see if I can't post some photos over the next day or two showing a stand from each battlegroup side by side.