Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mustering the Tercio - Part 4

The Spanish Later Tercio shown above is now completed.  I like to spend a little extra time with the basing for a battle group, since I think this can elevate the quality of a wargame standard paint job with relatively little additional effort.  And if all the units in an army have similar finish basing, it can really tie the army together.  The technique that I use for basing uses lighter rather than darker colors - I had a friend point at to me once at Historicon that a light paint scheme on the bases can really make the figures pop, and ever since I have followed that advice, I've been very happy with the way my basing ends up looking.

The bases used here are the Gale Force 9 ones that are sold by the carton at any of the HMGS-East shows.  Every time that I attend Historicon, Cold Wars, or Fall-In, I make a point of making a carton of these bases my first purchase before they sell out.  After the figures are mounted with white glue, I then spread a layer of Liquidex Ceramic Stucco Texture Gel around the figures, and then lightly sprinkle on a little sand before the gel dries.

Once the gel has dried, I then paint it with a thinned coat of Americana Cocoa craft paint.

Next is a light drybrushing with Americana Sand craft paint to bring out the highlights.

Then I paint a little white glue on randomly around the figures and add a little green flocking.  To clean up the edges of the  base, I paint it with Delta Ceramcoat Burnt Umber, and then I call this complete.

So finally, this is the complete tercio.  I still may add a flag or banner to the front rank of pikes, but I'm still researching what I want to use for this.  Or I may choose to leave the flags off all together in order to be able to later morph these stands into other 17th armies that I hope to play in the future (such as Early Catholic TYW or Later TYW German).  I will also eventually magnetize the bases to assist in holding them in their boxes for transport and storage.

I hope readers of this blog have enjoyed this series on completing a Tercio, showing the techniques that I use to quickly get a battle group on the table as rapidly as possible, yet still being reasonably good looking.  In conclusion, here are a last couple of more photos of the completed tercio:


  1. They look really good. Congratulations!

  2. Looking very nice. How about a nice flag, though?