Monday, October 11, 2010

Mustering the Tercio - Part 2

Now, step 2 of "Mustering the Tercio".  This just involves block painting all the different colors onto the primed figures.  I probably should have broken this posting into more segments than this single one, but as I was painting, I couldn't decide on a good stopping point until the figures were completely covered.  What I did though was to simply paint all the individual colors onto the different areas of the figures - no washes or highlighting used, simply coloring the figures in, just like a childhood coloring book.  Nothing fancy at all.  I did try to stay as neat as possible, but this was straight forward painting, staying within the lines, using a variety of Vallejo paints, craft paints, and even a couple of GW ones.

Although everything in step two is pretty much just block painting, I did resort to a couple of washes.  One was on the areas of exposed flesh, which were painted with a thinned Delta Ceramcoat Medium Flesh layer and then covered with GW's Ogre Flesh straight out of the bottle.  In addition, for the armor and helmets, I knew that these metals were commonly painted black during the 17th Century in ordering to combat corrosion, but I thought that if I simply used a black paint, it wouldn't look very realistic.  What I did was to paint the armor with Vallejo Game Color Gun Metal, and then applied two washes of Privateer Press's Armor Wash. I used this wash in order to try it out, and although I think it came out alright, its a little glossy for my taste - next time I will probably try GW's Baddab Black wash instead.

Here is a view of all the tercio's pikemen:

And a closeup of the figures that will comprise one pike stand:

Also, all the shot figures:

And a closeup of the same:

Watch for Part 3 soon, which I will post right after the figures have been "dipped".

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