Saturday, September 25, 2010

Testudo Miniatures - Hyperspace Delivery!!

Wow!  My Testudo Miniatures were waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home from the office on Friday!  That was flat out unbelievable.  I placed my order on Monday, exchanged a couple of emails verifying that my order was correct, and then paid via PayPal on Wednesday once everything was all set.  Late that same Wednesday night, Testudo sent me another email letting me know that the package had shipped.  I then expected I would have to wait at best 10 days or so for transit from Italy to the USA, but as a result of what I can only consider a hyperspace wormhole, it took less than 48 hours for the shipment to be delivered to my front door.  Now, I usually can't expect a delivery from an American company to come in less than two weeks, and I got these Testudo figures in less than two days!  I can certainly say, I'll never be poking fun at the Poste Italiane in the future.  That was sensational costumer service also from Testudo Miniatures, who kept me updated promptly on each step of the ordering process.  If any readers, knowing that there are no American distributors of Testudo products, are considering ordering from overseas, I can tell you that my experience has greatly exceeded my most optimistic expectations.

And what are the figures like?  In my opinion, absolutely sensational.  The equal of the best of anything in 25/28mm.  Yes, they are definitely on the large side (to the extent that I think I will use only 3 figures to a 40mm wide infantry base instead of 4), and there is a bit of flash to clean up, but these have got to be the only choice for the best figures to use for a 15mm, 17th Century Pike and Shot army.  My biggest concerns now are a lack of faith in my basic wargaming-standard painting skills to do these figures suitable justice, and that once I finish building an army with these figures I may then become incapable of ever again being satisfied with 15mm miniatures of a lesser quality.

Here are some sample photos representative of what I purchased, shot straight out of the pack, unpainted and uncleaned, in order to show you what the figures look like when they arrived:

TYC104 - Pikemen, breast-and-back

TYF109 - Musketeers preparing the arms

TYC205 -Cuirassiers, 3/4 armour, closed helm, pistol

As I get units for this army finished, I'll post some more photos to show how they turned out with some paint slapped on them.

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