Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roman Army Talk

My primary inspiration for gaming in the Ancient and Medieval worlds is my longtime interest in these historical periods.  Because of this, I've been digging around the internet in search of websites and forums covering Ancient and/or Medieval history or historical fiction.  Disappointingly, there is much less of this kind of information on the web than I anticipated.  Of course, there is The Miniatures Page, and many other gaming forums, but I've been looking for content that was not necessarily gaming specific.  There is a forum at the website for Ancient Warfare magazine (a highly recommended publication, btw), but it doesn't appear to be very active.  So, I was getting a bit discouraged about the state of general interest on the internet in all things Ancient or Medieval, until I finally found RomanArmyTalk.com.

RomanArmyTalk is specifically a forum for just this kind of thing.  There is a small, relatively inactive section on gaming, but there are also extensive areas on Roman and Greek Military History and Archeology, Allies and Enemies of Rome, Ancient Civilizations, and References and Reviews.  It seems that the participants include amateur historians, professors, scholars, re-enactors, and historical gamers.  I've only been a visitor to this forum for a couple of weeks now, but I've already found quite a few interesting threads to follow.  If you are a "Sword-and-Sandal" type, you might yourself also find a visit to RomanArmyTalk worthwhile.

You can reach RomanArmyTalk at:  http://www.romanarmytalk.com/rat/index.php

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