Monday, August 16, 2010

New England Field of Glory Tournament Upcoming

New England Field of Glory Regional Tournament
There is an upcoming Field of Glory tournament to be held this November in the Boston area.  Normally, our group of regional Ancients gamers would be heading toward Fall-In, the HMGS-E convention in Lancaster, PA, but this year it is being held on the Halloween weekend.  For those of us with young kids, which is a large percentage of us, that is simply a no-go gaming weekend.  Because of this conflict, our group, the New England Ancient Wargaming Network has decided to host our own tournament on the weekend following Halloween.  Matt Iverson (who may be known to some of the regular FoG gamers as "Mr. the King") has actually  been doing the  heavy work to put this thing together, but the rest of us New England FoG players  also intend to do what we can to help him out.  

The tournament will be Open Format, with 800 point armies, 15mm scale.  The last time we held a regional tournament, was last spring at HAVOC - New England's largest miniature gaming convention - and with very little advance notice, we got a total of 14 players, all local to New England.  Since then, we have recruited several more regional players, so we are hoping for a very good turnout for this one.  In fact, we are encouraging out-of-town players to attend, and specifically, we would love to get the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania players to show.  And if we can get the guys from farther a field, like some of our south of the Mason-Dixon line gaming friends, to visit the cold Yankee wastelands, even the better.

Anyway, below is the announcement that Matt made for this tournament on several of the appropriate forums.  In the interest of promoting this event, I figured it would only make sense to post this information again here.

The New England Regional Tournament will be held on November 6-7, 2010 at the Bedford
Plaza Hotel, 340 Great Road, Bedford MA.


Saturday, November 6:
Round 1: 0900-1300
Round 2: 1400-1800
Round 3: 1900-2300

Sunday, November 7:
Round 4: 0900-1300

Only the top three results will contribute to tournament score, so players have
the OPTION of playing only 3 games if they wish. If a player elects to skip a
round, they must declare which round they will skip at the beginning of the

Numbers permitting, there will be a beginner's division open only to players who
have previously competed in no more than one tournament.

The hotel is definitely 2-star, but the cost, including tables and taxes, is
$750. With a few contributions this will put the per head entry cost at
$20-$30. There is also more than adequate space in case of a large turn out and
plenty of food options within easy walking distance.

Rooms at the hotel are $75 per night.

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