Saturday, August 7, 2010

NASAMW Dice at Historicon

One nice thing about the Ancients tournaments at Historicon is the occasional freebie.  Last year participants received a collared shirt with the NASAMW (North American Society of Ancient and Medieval Wargamers) logo on it.  This year there was a box of dice sitting at the umpire's table, each die bearing the NASAMW acronym on it in place of the '6' pip.  They came in a variety of colors too, so definitely suitable as combat dice for Field of Glory.  They have a nice hefty feel to them, and when I used them for the last day of games at the convention, they seemed to roll at least no worse then my regular dice.   I grabbed a few handfuls of these in between games, and for now I plan on making them my dice of choice for FoG - that is, until the day comes when they totally betray me.

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