Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Dailami

I have finished several more units of Dailami for the army I intend to play at the upcoming New England Regional FoG Tournament this November.  Except for the supporting archers in the photos below, these are all Essex Miniatures 15mm figures.  The archers are Old Glory 15s.  I had always considered Essex's figures to be in the category of "just good enough", but recently, I've grown very fond of them.  Their simple poses work great for multi-figure basing, and they are very easy to paint.  I think they have a nice, "old school" character about them, and they are the kind of figures that look much better once a bit of paint gets slapped onto them.

The figures above are from Essex's Ghaznvid line, and are actually listed as for use specifically as Dailamis.  I have a really difficult time as a painter doing shields (that's why I use shield transfers whenever I can - note the Phalangites a couple of postings back), but for these figures I thought I would try using some very simple geometric designs that would be appropriate for an Islamic army.  I guess that with age, my hands just aren't steady enough to get these just right, but as units on the tabletop en masse, the finished shields are definitely passable.  Regardless, I do need a bit more practice, I think, painting neat, straight lines - anyone have any simple tips for doing so?  For hand painted designs though, these were at least a lot easier for me to pull off than European Heraldic ones.

Now these guys are actually Ghaznavid heavy infantry, but even though they are carrying bow cases, which isn't probably very accurate historically, I think they make pretty good Dailamis.

Finally, here is an Elephants unit for use in countering my opponent's lancers and knights.  Once again, I used Essex figures from the Ghaznavid line.  Glass cannons, the elephants may be, but an army composed primarily of medium foot infantry must have something to give opposing cavalry cause to pause.

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