Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alexander Star Trek

A gaming friend of mine tipped me off to these links of a failed TV pilot for "Alexander the Great", starring Captain Kirk himself - William Shatner.  The pilot was filmed in 1964, but thankfully, the series wasn't picked up.  Later, in 1968, after Shatner had gained enough respectability performing on Star Trek, the pilot was actually shown as an one time special.  This  posting has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Ancient History wargaming, but I think it is certainly appropriate for "Sword and Sandal Gaming".  The scenes from the pilot show a cliche sword-and-sandal production, with bad acting, horrible dialogue, rudimentary special effects, and atrocious battle scenes.  And although entitled "Alexander the Great", this is really a formulaic Hollywood production with nothing historical about it at all.  But it is one of those films that is so bad that it is hilarious, and for anyone who grew up watching the original Star Trek, it is most definitely something you would like to check out.  One more thing though - the short tunics on the Greek (that's right, they are not called Macedonians) characters are just a little bit too disturbing.

See the video clips below, and enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

For anyone who just has to indulge in the full measure of sword-and-sandal punishment, the film version of this novelty is actually available from Amazon.com at:

Alexander the Great - William Shatner

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