Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Albanian Light Horse - Basing on the Adriatic

I just finished up the last units required for my Catalan Company army - two, four stand battlegroups of Albanian light horse.  At Havoc, I proxied Bedouin light horse for these, but now that the proper units are completed, I'll be showing up at Pointcon with every figure represented correctly with no substitutions.  These are 15mm Mirliton Stradiots - once again, really nice figures that I'm sure that my basic wargaming-standard painting skills don't do complete justice too.  

I used my normal painting technique on these, but I wanted to try something a little different for the basing.  Lately I have been using standard wood filler spread on the bases, then drybrushed with brown shades of paint, and finally with a bit of flocking applied at the end.  Here I used Renaissance Ink's Flocking Gel on two of the bases, and on the rest I used a 50 percent mixture of Golden's Coarse Pumice Gel with Liquidtex's Stucco Texture Gel.  In both cases I mixed in some of the American Sand paint before applying to the bases.

After the gels dried I drybrused first with Liquidtex Burnt Siena followed by Liquidtex Red Oxide.  I thought the bases looked a little bright at this point, so I then hit everything with a very dilute wash of Americana Cocoa before applying the flocking.

After finishing, I can't tell which bases I used the Renaissance Ink product on, and which I used the standard art supply products on.  Seen close up, I  did find the surfaces a little coarse and artificial looking - not quite as nice in my opinion as the results I was getting with the ordinary wood filler.  I do think either of these systems are easier to apply then the wood filler though, so I'm going to try again with the next unit I complete - but I'm going to use the Stucco Gel with no pumice mixed in, and I'll lightly sprinkle on a bit of sand before the gel dries.  I think that might get me the results I'm trying for.

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