Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mirliton Turcopoles

I'm still getting my Catalan Company army ready for the FoG tournament at HAVOC next weekend, and I've just finished a couple of units of Mirliton Turcopoles that I intend to use as its Turkish light horse component.  I had hoped to use these figures as Turcomans in my Syrian States army at Cold Wars, but I didn't finish them in time.  They will still serve that function when I bring the Syrians back out to play with, and I'm sure they will be part of whatever army I use in the "Terror of the Steppes" theme event at this upcoming Historicon.

Below is a photo of how they turned out:

I think these are great figures, like almost everything else that I have seen from Mirliton.  They did require a little assembly since the upper torsos are separate pieces from the bottom, and the lances and shields have to be glued on.  The two-piece torsos are nice though in my opinion, because one can then get some variety in the archery poses.

Although I love the Mirliton figures, I wish they were easier to get.  I don't know of a U.S. distributor, and I ordered these from Venexia Limited in the UK.  The order went off without any snags, but I still prefer not to go overseas if I don't have to.  It would also be nice, given the quality of Mirliton figures, to see the ranges get expanded, but I don't know if that has happened at all recently.

Now to wait and see how these guys will perform for me at HAVOC.

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  1. Hullo Peter,
    It looks like the Cats did well enough to prevent a perfect score by the King!
    Sorry I could not attend due to familial obs - hope to see you at PointCon.

    Nice start to the Blog - I'll be back.