Saturday, March 6, 2010

Khurasan Ghilman and Arabs

For a first posting showing painted figures, I thought I might put up some photos of some of my recently completed units.  These are for use in a Syrian States, Crusades-era army that I will be playing in the upcoming Field of Glory theme tournament at Cold Wars. By no means do I consider myself to be an expert painter, and like most everything I do, I would rate these to only an acceptable tabletop wargaming standard.  But I had several friends picking them up to look over at my last gaming session, and since the Arabs, in particular, are new figures from Khurasan, I thought these might be of some interest to Ancients gamers.

All of the figures are 15mm scale, and manufactured by Khurasan Miniatures.  I sprayed the bare lead with a flat  brown paint for a primer, and then dry-brushed them with white.  After that, the figures were block painted with a combination of Vallejo, GW, and craft paints before 'dipping' - which in my case involved painting on a diluted mixture of Liquitex Heavy Body Transparent Raw Umber paint and Future floor finish.  I think they all look pretty good, and I expect that none of my opponents at Cold Wars will complain.

To the right are three units of the Ghilman.  They are armored and drilled cavalry, armed with bows and swords.  These guys will compose the heart of my Syrian States army.

To the left, are a couple of closer views of the individual Ghilman units.

I think these are pretty good figures, except for having essentially one pose that varies only with the hand weapon chosen for use, but even to get that variety, the right arms have to be individually attached to the Ghilman bodies.  That is one major pain! The arms are too small for pinning and superglue only doesn't hold sufficiently.  Epoxy makes a nice bond, but takes too long to set. 
I finally resorted to using a tiny bit of green stuff in combination with epoxy to get a fast set and a hopefully strong bond.  So far so good.  I have heard rumors that Khurasan plans to reissue the Ghilman as a single piece casting, and if that is true, that would be a great improvement.

Here are some photos of my Arab Heavy Cavalry:

I have three units of these in the army, which is probably too much, but being armored lancers, they give me a decent strike force - something my most recently played armies have lacked.

To the right are two units of Bedouin light horse.  Being lanced armed and rated as swordsmen, these units can be used in coordination with Turcomen horse archers or the Arab cavalry to chase off my opponents light troops.

I used almost the same figures as for the Arab cavalry, except that these are the unarmored ones.  Of course, since the armored figures only have a bit of mail sticking out here and there from under the robes, it doesn't make that big of a difference to the finished look.

Finally, here are two more photos of my C-in-C command stand which will be in charge of the entire army:
I like the Arab cavalry even better than the Ghilman, and my only complaints are that the projecting horse tails make it a bit tough to fit the figures on standard 40mm x 30mm bases, and that the vertical lance poses seem a bit rigid.

So there you go.  Now to try and finish my Turcoman horse archers in time for Cold Wars - otherwise my Thracian Getae will be standing in as hopefully unnoticeable proxies.


  1. Hey Pete, what did you use to make the banners? Are those decals, or did you paint them up?


  2. I got the the banner from the resource pages on Fanaticus. They are the Islamic/Persians ones. I simply printed them out, folded them in half, and then white-glued them to the lances. Hand painted ones, or commercial ones would probably look much nicer, but these did the job very quickly.